Comfort Bags Launched at Stepping Hill Hospital

On October 26th, Ellie, Roisin, Gabriella and Flouragh from 1st Bramhall visited the Acute Medical Unit at Stepping Hill along with their leader Liz Kay. There they met Yvonne, head of volunteer services and volunteers and staff who have been giving their comfort bags to patients.

Yvonne thanked the girls for their support on behalf of Emma Rogers – Matron for Patient experience.

To date a total of 139 bags of the proposed 1,000 have been delivered to the hospital – many of which are already in use.

Leader Heather Worth sent the picture below, “Just witnessed at work some of our bags being delivered to A12 by a volunteer called David”

Olivia, a Guide, told her leader, “My mum works at Stepping Hill and today some of the bags we made were brought to her ward for the patients”

If you have miniature items such as soap, body wash, shampoo, combs, notebooks or pencils that you would like to donate to the comfort bag project please contact the office.