County Commissioners Challenge 2021


We spend time challenging our girls, now it is time to challenge ourselves.   Why not give this a go and share your progress on our Facebook site or through our newsletter. 

Know Myself

Get to know who you are, your role in Girlguiding and the wider world.

Could you attend an event outside of the district or a County Event? Take part in a Thinking Day activity or join with a new unit that you don’t yet know.

Introduce yourself to another Guide member, join a new Facebook group or County team.

Express Myself

Show off and explore your creative side

Learn a new artistic skill, bake a cake, draw, sew, sing or perform. Then share it in some way with somewhere involved in Guiding.

Find out about the Arts Award, could you do it in your unit?

Be Well

Discover how to take care of yourself and others 

Do an activity to improve your wellbeing. Join a yoga class, do some meditation, have a manicure or just set some time aside once a week for you.

Have Adventures

Get out and about and explore the outdoors and nature.

Do a new outdoor activity with the girls.

Help at a County ACT event

Invite and ACT member to your unit 

Learn a new outdoor skill and share it 

Take Action

Empower yourself to make a difference and use your voice to help your community and the wider world.

Live your promise.

Involve the girls in a charitable activity outside of the unit place.

Shout out about Girl guiding

Attend a growing guiding event or meeting.

Help with the comfort bag scheme

Skills for My Future

Look to the future and build your skills to become independent and successful in life.

What skills have you gained from Guiding?  Write a few lines and share it either in the newsletter or in your community.

What skills could you gain in the future?  Are there any opportunities you would like to explore at unit, County, region, national or international level?

Good luck, enjoy and don’t forget to share your progress.